Baffling Birds! Graphic Novels

Nicki and Ricky are on a mission to solve nature’s puzzles, finding clues in the wilds of their own suburban neighborhood. Join them in three 40-page graphic novels for early readers – available NOW!

Nicki likes to speculate – Ricky would rather investigate. These siblings don’t have the same attitude, but they do know if they keep their eyes open, they’ll be able to figure it out.

Book 1: The Adventures of Nicki and Ricky
The Mystery of the Shell Tree

While exploring a strip of beach near their house, the sleuths discover broken shells in the branches of a tree. Who – or what – could be responsible?

Book 2: The Adventures of Nicki and Ricky
The Hummingbird Conundrum

Nicki and Ricky must employ the Scientific Method to unpuzzle the purpose of a peculiar gift. Is it a lantern? A bug-catcher? “You can speculate,” Detective Ricky says. “I’ll investigate!”

Book 3: The Adventures of Nicki and Ricky
The Case of the Duck’s Teeth

A museum trip inspires the sleuths to seek the living relatives of a specimen so strange they thought it had to be extinct!

Nicki and Ricky’s
Science Investigators’ Society
Comics Workbook

Join the sibling sleuths to make your own STEAM comics, with a mini warm-up comic and a full length template for a nature mystery of your own. Includes bookbinding tips and storytelling secrets.