Books in the Wild!

After a whole raft of setbacks (none very interesting, except to say: I don’t recommend getting Covid-19 any more times than you can manage) …..


You can now find *all five* Nicki and Ricky titles (three stories, one anthology, and the workbook) on Amazon, Bookshop.org, and- in theory- by special order wherever books are sold! EEEP!

We’re jazzed. All of our backers have received their books (except one waiting on a hand delivery) and we can take a big sigh of relief. A new phase of Nicki and Ricky are about to begin!

Thanks to all who came on this wild ride with us. We’ll be taking a break from making more stories while we each work on some other projects, market these, and refresh our imaginations… but we’re definitely not done with the sibling sleuths!

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