Art Tips

Experiments are for Artists, too!

At our live event, I was taking prompts and drawing in front of a dozen kids, ages 4 to 12. One of them asked, “Why is the main character a stick figure now when he started out having real legs?”

“Well,” I explained, “I’m not very good at drawing on this big board in front of all of you. I’ve never done it before!”

I went on to explain that my comics start out like the one we were doing – messy, rough, and barely understandable. I then trace and edit until they look good (and even then, I rarely think they’re perfect!).

This crowdfunding campaign has been like that too- fumbling, finding our way, trying things messy and refining them. I’m grateful to you all for joining our Society, helping fund our books, and giving Marie and I a chance to EXPERIMENT with something new. I hope our Summer Science Investigators’ Society has given some of you a chance to experiment, too!


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