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Revision and Rough Drawings!

Hi Summer Science Investigators. How are your comics going? Aside from making your worksheets (and I hope you’re enjoying them) I’ve been hard at work revising Rowena and my first book – Mystery of the Shell Tree! When we first started working on it, I was beginning my journey learning about comics. I made it mostly on real paper with watercolor paint and ink … and it took a LONG time. As I took more classes and learned more about comics, I realized – there were some things missing in our story – and working digitally let me make my art much faster, so I could finish your books sooner.

So I decided to revise. Revision is when you make changes to make your work better! It usually works well… but it’s a LOT. OF. WORK!

Another important thing about making comics: the first drawing is just about NEVER the final drawing. I want to share with you this set of revised pages as they are when I first get started – putting the words and word balloons on (always first so I know there’s room) and then showing faces (so I know what FEELINGS Nicki and Ricky show in each panel).

Messy, right? Hope that makes you feel better about your drawings, especially if you need to try more than once.

I’ll send another update once I’ve traced these with more detail with tips on how YOU can trace your work too.

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