Comic Updates,  Funding Goals!

Crowdfunder LAUNCH DAY!

What an amazing launch morning. I returned from a week in the woods (with a new mystery: WHAT BIT ME?!?!) to Rowena doing an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Q&A on YouTube with Kids Comics Unite teacher and fellow crowdfunding creator Patrick Lugo. Want to know more about what we’re doing and join the AMAZING 8 people who’ve brought us to 78% of our initial goal so far? Want to help us make the whole trilogy and beyond?

Help us fund a fun and educational comics series and claim cool perks… like adding YOUR KID to our comic stories! Head over to to learn more now. Just like our Summer Science Investigators’ Society… the perks are only available through August 6. After that, the books will remain for sale while the prizes disappear (until our next trilogy?).

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